Medal of Honor 2 and Need For Speed 13 Are Coming Your Way

By   /   Jan 12, 2012

Looks like what was supposed to be kept hidden from people gets exposed as a part of the EA presentation slips by and reveals that EA might be working on two new titles.

The two new sequels revealed were Medal of Honor 2 and Need for Speed 13, which are two one of the most anticipated titles to spice up 2012.

Who can deny playing Need For Speed, that crazy, acceleration paced, thrilling title or the awesome first person action shooter Medal of Honor, taking gamers through the experiences of war in the modern setting.

Ever since the news was overheard, fans have been flooding their tweets on at EA’s twitter page and asking, awaiting the answers impatiently but they would probably have to wait till E3 when EA will officially unveil its gaming line-up.

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