DC Universe Online Gets Research and Development ‘Crafting’

By   /   Jan 12, 2012

Do you wish to start modifying your gear in DC Universe Online? Then you should thank Sony Online Entertainment for adding Crafting Skills in the form of ‘Research and Development’ in DC Universe Online.

You will be able to become the master of your own gears modifications and through the skill of crafting, start your own research and development.

You can collect items, salvage gear, add sockets, modifications and much more. The purpose of this update is to give players with a profession to get the best out of their gear as they progress through the game.

As you progress through the game and level up, you’d see the option open up to you at level 10 and then with crafting options at your disposal, you would be able to craft your very own custom gear and if you are good in R & D, you can even sell it.

There are several ways to approach Research and Development/Crafting in DC Universe Online; you can collect, gather and salvage items/plans to make new equipment.

Collecting – Kill the bosses and they will drop these useful items that assist you in making new gear.

Gathering – Throughout the game map players get the chance of collecting the available exobytes and other such stuff.

Salvaging – Break down useless or rare equipment to gain a rare collection to embed in your equipment or you can recover a rare item from your equipment by breaking it.

Research and Development – The name says it all, players gain new plans and ideas of what stuff to salvage and gather to get their equipment better.

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