Saints Row: The Third Genki Bowl VII To Launch January 17

By   /   Jan 11, 2012

THQ is finally bringing out the most anticipated DLC to Saints Row: The Third. Yes! we are talking about the bizzare looking Genki Bowl VII, which you have been anxiously waiting since the release of the game.

Genki Bowl VII takes us to the Genki Island for all the feisty fun keeping with the tradition of Saints Row being a lighthearted affair. It features several missions centered around a popular game show by Professor Genki – a self-proclaimed genius man-cat.

You will be playing in the events such as ‘Sadpanda Skyblazing, Angry Tiger’s Apocalypse Genki and Sexy Kitten Yarngasm. These events are ridiculous yet fun and that’s what differentiates Saints Row: The Third from the competition.

Genki Bowl VII launch on January 17th on Steam, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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