EA Launches Mass Effect 3 and Kingdom of Amalur Cross Promotion

By   /   Jan 11, 2012

EA is set to release the demos for Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur and that enabled them to launch a cross-promotion for both games, which is an industry norm these days.

Offer is simple, play Mass Effect 3 demo to get Shepard’s famous N7 armor in Kingdoms of Amalur and when you beat the demo, you unlock a pair of Omniblades that are like Shepard’s arm-spikes in Mass Effect 3.

Similarly, play Kingdom of Amalur’s demo and you get ‘Reckoner Knight Armor and a Chakram Launcher in Mass Effect 3, both are Kingdom of Amalur inspired items designed by comic book artist Todd McFarlene.

Check out these items in the screenshots below and share your feedback.

Kingdom of Amalur

Mass Effect 3

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