Skyrim Bleak Falls Barrow Quest Guide – Finding The Golden Claw

By   /   Jan 8, 2012

You can trigger the Golden Claw quest in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim either by talking to Lucan Valerius (Riverwood) or by overhearing the bandits at the Bleak Falls Barrow.

Lucan will tell you that he got looted by some bandits and has lost one of his very expensive possessions, a dragon claw. Just tell him that you’ll help him to get it back to start the quest.

If you are at lower level, you may want to recruit a follower (Faendal/Sven) to help you deal with the bandits. Recruiting is fairly straight forward, just go and talk to them. They will protect you for a little trade.

Camilla will guide you to a rough location of the quest, simply move towards the mountains after leaving the town. If you reach to a snowy land then you are on track to the Bleak Falls Barrow.

Bleak Falls Barrow – Once you are there, just keep on digging your way inside and kill whatever comes in your way.

You will have to find Arvel – He is trapped in a web created by a giant frost spider. Kill it and free Arvel by striking your weapon to the web.

Arvel will not tell you anything about the treasure and try to flee, you can either kill him or wait for him to die and then search his body for the claw.

Move forward and you will reach to a round-puzzle like structure which has three rolling buttons on it. The sequence to solve that puzzle can be found on the Golden Claw you just retrieved. Once you have solved the puzzle and are inside, you will have to fight draugr overlord after crossing the hall.

Leave the temple and return to Riverwood, to Lucan and give him the Golden Claw. For more help on Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, read our Skyrim Guides.

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