How To Customize Your Xbox 360 – Body, Controllers, Playlist and Profile

By   /   Jan 8, 2012

There are millions of Xbox 360 consoles, but is your console any different from others? Surely, the special editions have their unique look. If the hefty price tag discourages you to buy these special edition consoles, you should try to customize your console yourself and give it a unique look like the special editions or even better.

There are several additions you can make to your Xbox 360 console physically and digitally to customize your experience, some of them are:

Pimp Your Xbox 360 With faceplate
There are lots of cheap-faceplates available for consoles. These are very easy to mount/stick and don’t need any hard-work, also their prices are very low as compared to the special-edition consoles. Since they aren’t being sold at retail stores, you will have to search them on eBay and Amazon.

Pimp Your Xbox 360 With Stickers
Stickers are a cheaper method for customizing your Xbox. You can simply buy them off from as they still sell a big variety. Although, make sure you know version of the console you are buying the sticker for, because they come in different sizes and builds.

Customize Your Xbox 360 Controllers
Controllers require a bit more time and effort when it comes to customization. You can buy paint mask and then put it onto your controllers. Most of these require the controller to be disassembled so you can easily paint. has a BIG collection of these masks and they’ve also made a plenty of video guides which explain in detail how you can put them onto your controllers.

If you do-not want to spend your time and have enough money, then you can simply buy the already-customized controllers from and They have a good collection of the pimped controllers but each controller costs around $100. It is worth the money as you can add LEDs, extra buttons and even customized add-ons (such as fast reload, quick scope in COD (cheating?)

To customize your playing experience, you must rip the tracks (insert the disc and choose the “RIP CD” option or connect a supported USB device to your console and copy it from there). This way you will be able to customize the tracks and set their sequence – Rename, Move or make a PLAYLIST. You can even play the music files during a game.

Customizing the Gamercard (Profile)
You can even change the look of your profiles. Go to the Social Page and select your Gamercard, from there you can edit the background theme, gamertags, avatars etc. You have the choice to choose from a couple of themes, but if you want the best items then get ready to spend few bucks. The premium themes are better as they totally change the outlook of your profile; some even affect the look of your friend lists. You can read more about it here. To create your custom background theme, follow the instructions here and here.

Don’t forget to share your suggestions on how to go about customizing Xbox 360 in any way in the comments below!

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