Final Fantasy XIII-2 Character Moogle Trailer

By   /   Jan 7, 2012

It has been a few weeks since Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released in Japan, yet the Western market is still awaiting its part of the release.

Most people have already seen a couple videos and guides about characters that will be making their appearence in Final Fantasy XIII-2, but there was still someone missing among them. The latest character revealed is called Moogle.

Moogle, or otherwise known as Mog, is one of the characters that accompanies Sera, and transforms into weapons that she can use. But what’s interesting about this character in the upcoming sequel is that Mog can now even hunt for treasures and reach unreachable locations. Mog also acts as Heart of the Mog Clock in battle, where bonuses and penalties are offered in battle for taking down monsters in a given period of time.

Judging by the help Mog will be providing us in the field it seems it is one of the better characters to get along with, nothing more can be said until its release in the western market.

Check out the gameplay video depicting what Moogle will be like in the game:

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