CastleVille – “Castleberry Punch” Quest Guide

By   /   Jan 7, 2012

Another set of quests have appeared in CastleVille, this time you are assigned to produce the finest drink in all the kingdoms i.e. Castleberry Punch.

This recent development in the game is based on 5 major quests, each divided into three minor tasks. Some of the task are easily comprehensible but some might put you off. So before you get lost in midst of extracting the true essence of the Caslteberry Punch, here are the things and tips you need to get you through these quests.

1. Castleberry Punch

Have 20 Wood Logs: Tend some trees and you will automatically get the required number of logs.

Harvest 4 Copper Tubes: Copper tubes are made available by requesting your friends, to send you some.

Collect 20 Stones: To acquire the desired amount of stone, you just have to tend a bit of rocks in your kingdom.

For the completion of this quest you will earn 1000 coins, 20 XP and a Super Chop boost.

2. Secret Recipe

Craft 1 Punch Prep Table: To craft punch prep table, you will need 10 wood planks, 10 stone blocks and 5 punch jugs (ask your friends for the jugs). Once you have all the required items you can craft your table in the workshop.

Collect 8 Pails of Water: simplest way to collect pails of water is to go out for fishing, and this task will be done, as pails of water appear randomly while fishing.

Have a Kitchen: Probably you already have a kitchen in your castle, if not then get one.

1000 coins and 20 XP is what you will earn at the end of this quest.

3. Getting Punchy

Collect 20 Berries: You need to do some plantation in your kingdom to get berries, since berried come by tending of grass and other plants.

Gather 6 Yummhee Yeasts: Yeast is made available to you, via asking your friends to deliver it.

Have 20 Honey: Tending of flowers in your kingdom will give you honey.

Like the previous quest, the reward for completing this quest is similar i.e. 1000 coins and 20 XP.

4. Brew Love

Craft 5 Castleberry Punch: One round of batch requires 4 pails of water, 10 Berries and 10 Honey, so you will have to gain 5 folds of these items to complete the this objective. Approximately one cycle takes 30 minutes, which means you will have to spend around 150 minutes to do the job.

Earn 50 Reputation: You can gain reputation points via visiting your friends regularly; this will also help make some extra coins that will help you complete the next task as well.

Buy 3 Sparklers: You can purchase Sparklers in exchange to coins; each piece costs you 1500 coins.

For finishing this quest, you’ll be rewarded with 750 coins and 15 XP.

5. A Spirited New Year

Change Clothes: Look into your wardrobe and select attire you want your avatar to put on, you don’t have to get a new one.

Craft a Keg: The Keg requires two Iron Bars, three Wood Planks and three Alchemist Powders to create. Once you have attained the required material you can craft your very own Keg at your kingdom’s workshop.

Visit Duke’s Kingdom: There must be someone in your friend list who is a duke, so without wasting much time go and visit him/her.

This final quest in the list will award you 1000 coins, 20 XP and a Castleberry Keg, an item that can be used to decorate your kingdom.

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