Microsoft Flight Revives Flight Simulator, But In A Casual Way

By   /   Jan 5, 2012

Microsoft’s much respected Flight Simulator series is getting a reboot, as the company has decided to release a brand new simulator called Microsoft Flight.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t at all like the original Flight Simulator series, which wasn’t for everyone, as it targeted those looking for getting educated on the wondrous art and science of aviation.

Though Flight Simulator was very much a simulator and not a game – one that focused on those looking to learn to fly or actually in the aviation industry, the new Microsoft Flight has taken a more casual approach to flying.

But that’s not the biggest news. What really perplexes everyone is that Microsoft Flight will actually be a free-to-play title, available for download by this spring.

The title will have additional bonuses for those who link the game with their Games for Windows Live profile. In addition to Achievements and an Online Pilot Profile, registered players will also receive additional free content that includes the Boeing Stearman plane and extra missions.

One of the newer inclusions is the ICON A5 aircraft, which is an amphibious monoplane from the engineers behind the Voyager spaceship that is set to go into production at the end of this year. It is apparently the first aircraft that will be available to players in the game.

Being an ex-pilot trainee who spent a good while learning operating the Boeing 747 on Microsoft Flight Simulator X, the previous FS title, I’m slightly disappointed that the concept is being turned into an arcade and casual one.

Flight Simulator was a great educational sim that gave a lot of insight on the basics and advance concepts of aviation. We hope this casual inclusion in the series is just a beginning of the release of many new dedicated flight simulation titles.

Watch the trailer below for getting visual insight of the game:

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