Syndicate To Have Nine Missions From The Original, Features New Trailer

By   /   Jan 4, 2012

Starbreeze is reincarnating the old 1993 shooter “Syndicate” into a brand new co-op based shooter. Though not even the genre is the same as the original, they have recently revealed that nine missions from the original Syndicate will be featured, and players will be able to play them along with their friends in squad modes.

From the looks of the trailer it seems this time around in Deep Dive, players gain the access to up to 4 players co op mode, nine new missions from the original Syndicate series and plenty more to experience yourself. Although we need to wait a bit till it is available for grab, the expected release date of Deep Dive is 21 February 2012. Preorder the exclusive package now to gain access to it prior to anyone.

Watch the trailer to learn more about the upcoming Package:

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