SWTOR Bounty Hunter Mercenary Build and Spec Guide

By   /   Jan 4, 2012

Bounty Hunters have always been the most notorious allies of the Empire. Whenever something needs to be done that falls in the grey area of the treaty with Republic, Empire calls the Bounty Hunter. If you are to choose the Mercenary Advanced Class, you will need the following guide to create your build suited best for the role you want to take in Star Wars The Old Republic.

I’ll be explaining the development of the Bounty Hunter Mercenery in this guide, focusing on the Skill Tree and build.

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But first, let me explain the basics:

The Basics
In SWTOR, character development is distributed into three specializations. The first two are specific or exclusive for the character class type. For example, for the Sith Assassin, the exclusive skill trees/specializations are Darkness and Deception.

The third specialization is shared with some other class – it is not exclusive to the character class type at hand, but is available for one other class as well. Keeping the Sith Assassin as an example, the third specialization is Madness, and is shared with the Sith Sorcerer, as both the classes belong to the parent class ‘Sith Inquisitor’.

In the guides on this site, the designation is like (XX,XX,XX), where the ‘XX’ is the number of points and the commas separate the three specializations. For example, for making a Darkness oriented Sith Assassin, I would opt for builds like (31,0,10) or similar, indicating 31 points for Darkness, 0 for Deception, and 10 for Madness.

Now for the main part of the guide:

Bounty Hunter Mercenary

The Mercenary has the following trees/specializations:

  • Bodyguard
  • Arsenal
  • Pyrotech (shared)

Bodyguard Mercenary

The Bodyguard is one of the strongest healers  in the game, with great sustenance, survivability and teamplay.

Recommended PvE/PvP Build: (31,8,2)

This is a no-bullshit PvE healer build. You can afford to actually give Power Shield a try by reverting the point from Power Dampers. That really depends on the level of defense you are planning to put up. Plus, putting points in Power Shield might help against enemies that have a habit of regularly interrupting your attacks.

The same pretty much applies for the PvP games. However, Eternity Scan has a large 21 second cooldown – not a very convincing amount of time in PvP games. You might want to give the point instead to something else, like Tracer Missiles for some DPS orientation. Power Shield is almost entirely a must for PvP games.

Arsenal Mercenary

An Arsenal variant is a dedicated DPS, one that does good amounts of damage from a neat range. This variant also has good multiple enemy focusing abilities, and is generally a wise choice for DPS oriented players.

Recommended PvE Build: (5,31,5)

Tracer Missiles are the key with this build. Make sure to stack Tracer Missiles and take heat signatures of multiple targets at once. Afterwards, you can use Rail Shot and Heat Seeker Missiles whenever they come out of cooldown, and once 5 stacks of Tracer Missiles are attained. Aggression is the key with the Arsenal variant. However, make sure you don’t overuse your abilities and overheat.

Recommended PvP Build: (3,32,6)

This build is quite similar to the PvE one, except for the less defensive attributes. However, escaping will be touch easier, thanks to Jet Escape. This build is quite flexible, and you can redistribute a few points here and there if you wish to get some specific type of attributes. However, make sure not to over-do it.

Pyrotech Mercenary

The Pyrotech variant of the Mercenary is a burst-damage type of DPS – squishier than the other two builds, but has much more probable buffs. Generally, this type of Mercenary is recommended for tactics-oriented players.

Recommended PvE/PvP Build: (3,7,31)

You’ll be using Powershot and Unload to look for free Rail Shots. This build is very stable in general, and will give you the ideal specs and attributes for your PvE/PvP needs.

For PvP games, you could try to add a point to Degauss. Also, if you think you can afford it, try adding another point to Rail Shots, as it an ability you will be frequently using. Decide wisely which point to subtract though.

Don’t forget to share your specs and builds for Jedi Consular in the comments with a bit of explaining on rotation and PVE/PVP.

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