Ninja Theory Gets Death Threats Over Devil May Cry Reboot

By   /   Jan 4, 2012

Capcom’s famed game Devil May Cry, which is being rebooted by Ninja Theory, has been creating a bit of a hype around the gaming community. The rebirth of the legendary Dante in an all new western style with unseen combat methods is facing troubles in gaining acceptance by the fans.

The new series pictures Dante in a rough and grim manner, but the fans seem disappointed and displeased by this.

In fact, the disappointment is so great, that they have gone as far as to send death threats to Ninja Theory. Weird, isn’t it? The fans appear to be obsessed with the old Devil May Cry image that they have set in their minds. Even Hideiki Kamiya, the series creator, seems rather displeased with this new makeover of Dante.

The game was announced way back in 2010, but has failed to capture the positive anticipation and hype, as fans appear displeased since than.

But Antoniades seems pretty calm about this and reassures that the people will calm down once more trailers and game play footage is released. Antoniades finished off his discussion saying that the game this time around will have much better action sequences, as special attention is being given to perfecting out this portion.

We hope it turns out well, for Ninja Theory’s own sake.

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