God of War IV Possibly Confirmed

By   /   Jan 4, 2012

Is the mighty God of War series being revived?

The commendable game can hardly be kept chained in the underworld for long since its one of the biggest success series Sony Computer Entertainment has ever made. Rumors regarding God Of War IV have been around in the industry for some time now, but the news has just been confirmed by one of the music composers to the upcoming title of God of War 4.

William Timothy, the man behind the orchestrated soundtracks for the upcoming DOTA2 and also composer of the music for movies such as Halloween and Conan 2011, has confirmed the existence of the upcoming title God OF War IV. It was revealed when William’s CV was reviewed and God OF War IV was found listed there.

Most likely we will be hearing from Sony Computer Entertainment regarding God OF War’s next epic sequel officially. The trailer to this sequel is even scheduled to come around this year.

Can’t wait for some more Chimera and Cyclops slaying.

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