CityVille – The Moscow Mansion Guide

By   /   Jan 4, 2012

The Egyptian edifice of the Great Pyramids has just joined the list of the available buildings that can be constructed in your city.

So if you are a mayor and want to give your city an exclusive touch, you can probably go for building the Great Pyramids.

However, there’s a catch; you will have to unlock this feature by performing three side- quests. Until now only one of these quests (the Moscow Mansion) has been brought to the scene, while the other two are yet to be disclosed.

The Moscow Mansion (once completed, is a home with a population ranging from 3,550 – 6,550 citizens that offers 521 coins in rent once per day) to start on with the Great Pyramids

The eligibility criteria for performing these tasks is level 30 or above. So once you have reached this threshold, you can start on with establishing the base for the Moscow Mansion. After the base has been laid down, you will have to manage three tasks.

Gather Parts to Unlock the Mansion: You will have to collect the following list of items, to complete this objective

• 10 Marble Sink Tops
• 10 Plush Robes
• 10 Luggage
• 10 Dinner Bells
• 10 Light Fixtures

The Marble Sink Tops, Plush Robes and Dinner Bells are earned through general news items posted to your wall, while the other two items are earned through individual gift requests sent to your CityVille neighbors asking for help. You can also buy these items in exchange to city-cash, but it’s better if you do it, the proposed way.

Upgrade the Balalaika Shop to 2 Stars: The Balalaika Shop is a business that costs 65,000 coins in the store. It requires 305 Goods to operate for a single cycle.

Master one Russian Crop to 3 Stars: Russian Crops include Sugar Beets, Potatoes or Winter Wheat; so if you have your Grass Root Greenhouse in your city, it should not be an issue to manage this task. However, it will still be a bit time consuming.

Once you have completed the Moscow Mansion, you can wait for the other two quests to be released. However, this effort and patience will not go waste, keeping in view the reward i.e. the Great Pyramids (the finished product will give you a 10X payout bonus to Vacation Houses, a 5x Payout Bonus to regional buildings and a 25% payout to some businesses).

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