SWTOR Operations Strategy Guide

By   /   Jan 3, 2012

Operations are group missions where usually 8 or 16 players take part to achieve specified goals. Since it’s a high a level group content, the rewards are precious too including best crafted items, schematics and other equipment in the game.

To keep you engaged, operations do have a story-line and most of the boss fights are different from other baddies across the galaxy. If you are new to this and need some guidance, read on to help your cause.

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How To Prepare For Operations

Yes, unlike any other group content, you do need proper preparation and choice before you begin any operation. Along with the quality equipment (atleast of prototype quality) along with some important consumables like Stims, Medpacks and Adrenals etc are important.

Make sure that all of your equipment is repaired and you are going into the battlefield with a solid plan as these jobs are hardest among all. So if you die, there is no need to be worried. Figure out another plan and enter again.

In game equipment is vital but there are other things that you should also keep in mind:

  • It’s really important that you use some voice chat software to communicate with other members of the squad.
  • Don’t expect that you will go in there and conquer the world just like that. Operations are challenging and it takes a lot to complete one.
  • Everyone should play as a team and support each other.
  • Be adaptive. If one plan or skill set doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to change them.

Currently, following two Operations are available in SWTOR:

Hutt Hospitality

Although had limited abilities in beta, it still has been a tough foe to take on. If your squad (excluding the main tank) can take on the enemies spanning in the arena, you can deal with the boss later without any major fuss. After the 50% health of the boss two elites will spawn who should be dealt by the tanks. Keep it steady and you will be able to bring the bonethrasher down.

2. Eternity Vault

1. Annihilation Droid
You need to stay alert to dodge the rocket and missile attacks by this boss. He will create a lot of chaos and if you aren’t moving for the most part, you won’t survive. Rocket attacks will be targeted to a random player. The damage can be extended to the mates around you so make sure that you get out of the way and stay away from other members when you are the target.

The droid can also launch a stream of missiles which will target the reticule on formed on the ground. Move away from it to avoid any damage. The Salvo attack will attack any player on sight. It is launched after every 90 seconds so devise your strategy accordingly. Try to avoid the line of sight of the boss by standing behind the turrets.

2. Infernal Council
In this boss fight, every player will fight alone against a particular enemy in a 1V1 battle. The enemies will appear on random so you should be ready for it. Use alternate solutions to block or attack; such as if you don’t have healing, you should use interrupts. Generally, healers can do well against assassins, Damage players can take on Juggernauts and tanks will do well against Marauders.

3. Gharj
The fight will take place on 4 different islands. Gharj will gain more abilities on each island. First, he will jump and try to crush you but if you are quick enough, you can dodge the attacks. With every smashing leap, the island will start to crumble which also means that you should use the falling stones to get to the next island.

In the last section of the fight, he will call reinforcements (8 of them) to make things difficult. Try to use AE attack quickly as they will be cluttered together in the start. This way, you can the get rid of the boss effectively.

4. Ancient Pylons
You need to move to the consoles on the two pylons and deal with the waves of enemies including the elites. The difficulty level is relatively high so should keep a firm grip. The goal is to match all the wheels. Staying close to tank and stun usage are two wise things to do to win this fight.

5. Soa
Coming Soon!

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