PlayStation Vita Fails To Keep Up With 3DS

By   /   Jan 3, 2012

PlayStation Vita, one of Sony’s newly released portable gaming consoles released just before Christmas, was shipped with a stock of 500,000 units out of which only 325,000 units were sold.

Why did it stoop down to such low sales? It’s quite interesting to figure out that part. PlayStation Vita even scored a low number on Christmas days, the sales being a total of 72,479 units.

On the other hand, Nintendo was enjoying a high sale figure for its 3DS console which has gained progressive popularity.

Being inquisitive, Bloomberg questioned Sony about the low sales, but they replied back with a “No comment” regarding this matter. It seems like Sony’s PR Head Satoshi Fukuoka had nothing better to reply Bloomberg with.

Another disaster for Sony came when its software dropped from the top 10 media center list. Its top ranking game that went by the title of Minna No Golf (Hot Shots Golf) maintained its position on 7 but dropped after last week and landed on 37th.

It seems like Sony would have to put in more effort to regain its sale in order to compete with Nintendo’s 3DS in the western market.

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