Final Fantasy X 10th Anniversay

By   /   Jan 3, 2012

What new can be expected from Sony than to hear about its reissue of Final Fantasy X, which will be coming with a total HD make over.

Believe it or not, this is the game’s 10th anniversary – it really has been 10 years since the game first got released!

And this year around Sony is planning to throw an anniversary by bringing a remake to the game for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.

Nothing more has been heard from Sony, and it is yet unclear as to when it will make its appearance on shelves. Definitely not what the Final Fantasy fans were expecting, but its what Sony is deciding to focus on right now.

Final Fantasy X is widely regarded as one of the best Final Fantasy games, alongside Final Fantasy VII. It definitely is a golden oldie that every RPG gamer should play.

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