The Sims Social Happy New Year Quest Guide

By   /   Jan 1, 2012

Playfish doesn’t want your Sim to stay idle during the New Year’s celebration, so here is a quest that you are to complete to start on with the new calendar year.

Happy New Year Quest is based on 5 parts and you will have to complete all the objectives within a single week. Once you are done with your allotted assignments you will be rewarded with a SupaHapiTime Disco Globe for your Sim.

Happy New Year Quest – Part 1

There are two tasks (i.e. Email a Sim and find 5 Sims’ lost items) that you are required to carry out for the completion of the first part of the New Year quest.

Email a Sim – Use your Sim’s PC and select the option “Email About Lost Things.”
Find 5 Sims’ Lost Items – Go and visit, five of your friends’ places, and try finding their lost items, by choosing the “Find Lost Items” option by clicking on the different objects.

Happy New Year Quest – Part 2

You will have to clear three minor hurdles (i.e. Become Inspired, Mail a Resolution out to a Friend, Tell 2 Different Sims about Resolution) for completing the 2nd part.

Become Inspired – Fulfill the basic needs of your Sim.

Mail a Resolution out to a Friend– Go to your Sim’s mail box and choose to pick a resolution and send out the News Feed.

Tell 2 Different Sims about Resolution – Meet two of your friends, and share your resolution while in a conversation by selecting the option “Tell About Resolution”.

Happy New Year Quest – Part 3

The third part of the New Year Quest, deals with your Sim’s health. The three tasks you need to complete are as follows:

Pick 5 Different Healthy Food Options – You can pick these food items from either your fridge or your friends’. Looking into the fridge is not compulsory; you can also directly choose the food items lying outside the fridge.

Use the Karate Mat 3 Times – If you do not own a karate mat, you can use it from Bella’s place. Don’t forget to use it at least 3 times to complete the objective.

Tell 4 Sims That You Work Out – Visit four of your friends, and tell them that you work out by choosing the right option. You can share your work out stories, while you are collecting the healthy food stuff for the first step of the third part of the quest.

Happy New Year Quest – Part 4

Show yow the friendly side of your Sim! To complete the 4th part of the quest, you will have to deal with you friends in a nice way to earn goodwill.

Have 8 Goodwill – Try to be a helping hand to your friends, and yo will earn the required Goodwill. You can help your friends by repairing their things, or finding their lost materials etc.

Send E-Cards – Sending the e-Cards is as simple as choosing the option on your Sim’s PC.

Do Friendly Things for 5 Sims – You will actually be completing this part of the quest, along with earning of goodwill. So do both the tasks simultaneously to save your time.

Happy New Year Quest – Part 5

The last three things that you are to meet for the completion of the New Year quest are as follows

Play Prank on 4 Different Sims – Visit four of your friends and deal with them in a mischievous way. This is easily done by selecting various objects in their homes and handling them in a bad way by choosing the negative options.

Get 8 Greasy Food – These food items are collectible via friend help requests.

Have or Equip Slob Trait – Well my Sim is already lazy, but if your’s doesn’t have a slob trait, you can get it by spending 170 lifetime points. Access the Traits menu from the bottom right corner of your game screen. If you don’t have room for it, spend 20 Lifetime Points to deactivate one and replace it.

It’s that simple. Now, follow the walkthrough and complete you Sims’ first quest for the year 2012, without wasting any time.

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