Empires & Allies Crisis on Mercadia Mission Guide

By   /   Jan 1, 2012

The updates from the Empires and Allies Crisis have revealed that, there is a civil rift going on the far-off land of Mercadia. Now it is up to you to decide, which side you want to support.

You can choose to help either the rebels or the government, but regardless of your choice, your work in this event starts out the same, with a single mission i.e. “Mercadia is Burning”.

Mercadia is Burning

There is a list of tasks that you need to do in order to meet the threshold requirements for the participation in Mercadia campaign. Once you have completed them, you can actually start on with the campaign and the requirements for the eligibility are as follows:

Place 5 Watch Towers
You can place Watch Towers after purchasing them form the decoration corner. Watch Towers cost 5000 coins a piece.

Gather 5 Newspapers
Ask you friends to paste some news general news on your wall, because you will only get these newspapers if they do so.

Tend 50 Neighbor Houses
To tend fifty houses, you will have to visit at least 10 friends, because each visit would tend 5 houses.

Now that you have fulfilled the required list, you can select which side you want to support. You can either go with the government, or fight against the government by joining hands with the rebels.

Rewards: There are two things that you can get after completing this mission, but you will only get one at the end. On one side, you have the ultimate goal of a Serval Buggy with 540 hit points, while on the other side you have a Mystery Crate that will contain anywhere from 3 – 50 Empire Points.

You can repeat this mission up to 10 times, and get max reward out of it, plus you can shift your side every time i.e. the government or the rebels.

Note – This is a timed event, and you now only have a week to avail it. So without wasting much time, try to get on with it, and extract the maximum out of it!

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