Rumor – Epic Mickey 2 Set For 2012 and More!

Several rumors have surfaced about the existence of Epic Mickey 2 and the latest tidbits were revealed in an accidental leak (It happens all the time) of a newsletter which found its way to the press (That also happens all the time), and thanks to that, we can reveal some of the information about the game.

Epic Mickey 2 is a multi-console game, has a coop mode and is set to launch in 2012. Epic Mickey 2 will introduce the once forgotten characters and will try to give players an experience of unforgettable Disney World.

In Split-screen coop, players will be controlling Mickey and his power of color magic to reshape the world while the other player will have lucky rabbit Oswald. Disney has also given the players to have mickey as one of the characters that has the ability to fly helicopters and the power of electricity to fend off enemies. Solving challenges and making smart decisions will directly affect the game progression.

Rumors are rumors at the end of the day but we will tell you any good news about your favorite game we come across. You know that right ?