Fallout New Vegas Mod ‘No Mutants Allowed’ Released By Game Director

There are tons of mods and game-play extensions available when it comes to Bethesda Games, thanks to an overwhelming modding community. After few months you have all the options in the World to change the way you want to play a Bethesda game, which is really what makes these games worth it, at least on PC. But that didn’t stop Game Director of Fallout New Vegas from creating a mod that he can call his own.

You can find this mode ‘No Mutants Allowed’ on his official site. No Mutants Allowed removes the level cap, adds experience and raises the difficulty of the game. Although this is not an official mod for the game, even game director ‘Sawyer’ explains it in his message that the mod was made purely out of his free time.

Players can check out the mod and try it for themselves but they don’t like it halfway, they can simply un-check the mod if they want to continue on with their game as it was. It’s a good practice when even the developers contribute to the community in their free time – It makes community happy and motivated, isn’t it ?

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Source. Shacknews