3DS Getting Paid DLC – Fire Emblem First In The Lineup

Although Nintendo has announced that it would be bringing out paid DLC on the 3DS around August but it still seems that the company is in process of firming up its plans for it. According to Andriasang, Japanese Nikkei new outlet confirmed that the 3DS manufacturer will be bringing in paid DLC around next year and the first bit of installment will be available for Fire Emblem, the Strategy game.

Fire Emblem is scheduled to hit Japanese stores on April 19 but it seems Nintendo’s President Satoru did not mention any plans about the DLC for this game yet. Getting back to news about DLC, Nekkei’s report did not involve any details that would cover anything about DLC cost. Although words from Iwata while addressing the company has conveyed a few points that do strike quite prominently. The first among them would be that the company may not go on charging for small scale games, they might increase their profits and may help them accomplish small scale goals but would affect their long term relationship with their customers and this is quite important to them. Secondly they are banning the use of free to play model games that are made to bring in profits by charging players after they have the game.

Apart from Fire Emblem and its date, Nintendo did disclose a some other titles that are in the line up which includes Metal Gear Solid : Snake Eater 3D, March Widow for Kingdom hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Source: GameSpot