Resident Evil Revalations Co-op Mode Is Full Of Zombie Fun

Jill will continues her quest through the Queen Zenobia cruise ship in Resident Evil Revelations and things will work out for her as she blasts away hordes upon hordes of zombies but, that’s not the only thing you should be excited about.

New co-op mode in Resident Evil: Revelations brings more fun, players whether they are on the internet on a local network, can now team up with their friends, modify their players and play together through campaigns.

Playing along with your friends will help you clear away crowds of zombies and will also help you earn weapons and other rewards throughout the game.

Another treat that comes along with the co-op mode is that players have total control over customization features and can customize their players and weapons and enter the world of zombie hunting in an all new fashion. Although the concept is pretty basic but when zombies are around and you are playing with your friend on 3DS,it can’t get better than this.