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CityVille – How To Build Grass Root Greenhouse and Profit

If you are worried about the space availability in CityVille, and you find that you got to do some plantation, then here is something that will let you have some greenery in your city without utilizing much space.

CityVille team at Zynga’s camp has brought a new advancement into the game, which will cater to both the problems you might have been facing. The Grass Roots Greenhouse is a recent addition to the list of previously available functional buildings.

The threshold requirement to utilize this offer is level 20, which means you got to level up if you are still below 20. So if you are eligible for the Greenhouse, you can start by establishing its base in exchange of 10 energy.

Once the base has been set, you can start on with the collection of material required for the Greenhouse. Here is a list of items you will have to gather for completing the task:

  • 5 Hose Wheels
  • 5 Planting Troughs
  • 5 Sprinkler Systems
  • 5 Tomato Growers
  • 5 Gardening Tools

The Hose Wheel and the Planting Troughs can be retrieved via sending individual requests to your neighbors/friends. However you can get the remaining three items i.e. sprinkler system, tomato grower, and gardening tools, by basic news posts on your wall.

Once you have completed the list, you will have a greenhouse of level 1, which means you will have 8 plots and you will only be allowed to plant one type of crop. So if you want to grow 2 different crops at the same time, you will have to do another round of collection, but this times the required items will be doubled (i.e. you will have to collect 10 pieces of each time that you collected previously for level 1 greenhouse), which will get provide you with level 2 greenhouse, with a capacity of 14 plots.

Even though the compact structure, and the productivity level of this greenhouse seems more than useful, but if at sometime you find this Grass Root Greenhouse to be a burden, you can sell it for 25,000 coins.