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CityVille Gets Train Station and Quests

It is always fascinating to see trains whistling along the tracks, but if you find these tracks abandoned for long you get depressed. Probably if you have played CityVille on your iPad or iPhone, you must be asking one thing for sure, why on earth there is a track in the middle of the city, yet with no train.

Since you have already waited too much, Zynga doesn’t want you to sit on the station and wait for the train. Therefore, the recent updates in the game have brought along the train that you have been waiting for along with a timed quest feature that rewards you the more often you play the game (on a real world time clock).

ll you need to do is get updates, and then have the fun. So the first time when you will start off after downloading the updates, you will find the train waiting with the picture of a person hovering on top of it. This traveler has a request for you, and you’ll need to complete it before the train leaves to get rewarded.

Once you have accepted the allotted goal, you will have to complete it in the given time (i.e. before the train leaves), and once you have got the job done, you will get your reward as coins or other gifts. You can earn up to 20,000 coins or 7 energy boost by completing some of the assigned tasks.

This is where the real-world time component comes into play, as a train will arrive on the top of the hour, seemingly every hour of the day, so long as you continue to come back and deal with the train that arrives next.

It seems possible to miss trains entirely, if you take a long break from playing the game, but you can always come back to receive more trains once you become a regular player again.

Unfortunately this update, won’t be providing any expansion to your town, however you can manually expand out to the Train Station to make it seem more “included” in your town if you’d like.