Wasteland Empires Walkthrough

Crowdstars’ Wasteland Empire takes you into the post-apocalyptic world, where you can sense the pressure and the struggle for the survival in that time frame. You can play the game for free on your facebook. So before you jump into Wasteland Empires don’t forget to read the simplest manual mentioned below to attain success and harness maximum fun.

Defense-Your first priority to survive in the post apocalyptic world should be to safe guard your territory. This can be done by constructing buildings and placing rubbles. You will have to activate the buildings by clicking on them, once you have selected already by first click.

Expansion- Once you have got your area secured you can start expanding your territory by cleaning up the mess from the surroundings.

Water Resource management- The key to attain harmony in your camp, relies entirely on water. So while planning the development of your camp, you will have to be really cautious about how you manage water supply i.e. wells.

Obviously you must be thinking, why not just wells have set all around, but hold on! Its not just water, you will also have to manage the space, because, once you have placed a well at a place, you won’t be able to move it.

So the best way out for you is to maintain the pre-existing wells as long as possible, however, you can set some new if the water available is not sufficient. While placing new wells, keep it in mind, which which buildings need to have a direct connection.

Availability of space-Space is an issue in post-apocalyptic world, so while laying down the foundations, you got understand the scarcity of space. While founding your camp you try to generate maximum available space from the limited are you have been allotted.

You can do this by clearing huge patches of rubble in one stroke. Once you have cleared up mess now you lay well planned foundation.

Minerals- Mineral resources can be extracted from a mine.
Mechanical- They come from mechanics.
Biological- You can generate biological resource from mill.

The three categories of resource mentioned above act as your currency in the post-apocalyptic world. You can use all the three resources for upgrading, training of troops, and constructing new buildings.

(Note- Resources are also plentiful in the rubble but you got to have storage for them. You must remember that you can’t build one until you put up your first refinery).

People-Manpower is an essential tool for the development and protection of your Wasteland Empire. You can train up to 50% of your colonists for the battlefield. Meanwhile the remaining came in handy constructing buildings, clearing rubble, etc.

Definitely a large population seems to be the key, but don’t forget to maintain the balance between supply and demand. To enhance your population you will have build more farms for the food supply, wells for water, and dwelling for houses.

Battle Tactics
War craft- You need to fight for your survival, as you will have to compete with other colonies. There are raider’s camp and other player’s camps that you can attack. So before you take on the real challenge, you can run a single person campaign, to gain mastery in the battle tactics.

Once you have identified your opponent, you can look into their camp, and start on with the siege, however, you will only be allowed to dispatch a limited number of troops, until have not got your martial hall upgraded.

For sure your primary objective is to destroy the enemy settlements, but its recommended that before you take on the center, try to eliminate their first line of defense i.e. defensive towers. Conquering the enemy base will earn you respect.

Line of Defense- It is not only you who can go out and do the damage, rather there several hungry troops that will be out for your base as well. So to protect your empire you got strengthen your defense.

Build defensive structures from items in the rubble to look for new structures at the scrap yard. The defensive perimeter should overlap and check the range of a structure by clicking on it.

To match up with external competition, you will have to be on your toes, and you will have to keep on upgrading your territory and status.

In upgrading, research is of great essence. It is done in the town hall and the technologies you have researched are in the tech tree. Be sure to research all the technologies in a certain level because you can not move on to the next without doing it.

If you have tips of your own, do share them with us. See you in the Battlefield!