Planetside 2 New Trailer Compares Factions

What can be more fascinating then to get a glimpse of futuristic warfare and nothing seems more fun to look at a video of men, armed with devastating weapons revolving slowly for people to view. The only sad part to this is that we would have to wait till new year to catch some of the videos of Planetside 2 however, the latest faction vignette does provide us with a bit of an idea to how the three factions may differ.

Well with the three factions being introduced, players would get a chance at choosing sides for themselves. You can either opt to play as a sturdy well trained Terran Republican or the slick, equipped with high technology as a Vanu or you can be the desperate looking, under resourced Conglomerate. In my point of view, all these factions are worth of a shot. By now i know you would be interested in the game factions and weaponry so why not have a look at the video below: