Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Adds New Features

PlayStation Vita has been a major success but guess what, Team Ninja has worked on getting hardware support on PlayStation Vita and have added two unique new features to Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. Now players have the ease of tapping the symbols with the rear touch pad to start powering up their ninpo and to use a motion controlled bow. This new feature known as Precision Aiming, does allow the users to simply tap the screen and then move their PlayStation Vita around to get an aim at what they are shooting and a simple bow will let the bow shoot.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus now has Hero difficulty mode which is a great news for beginners that are starting up on Ninja Gaiden then. Beginners can simply start off with the difficulty mode for beginners and have Ryu auto guard and have tons of ninpo to their disposal as well. The Mission mode in Ninja Gaiden Sigma makes its return as well but with a slight variation to the missions now. The mission mode is split in five modes and as gamers progress through the levels the stages will become much more difficult and conditions will keep on changing with the levels as well.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for PlayStation Vita is scheduled to be launched in North America on Februray 22, guess we will have to wait till then.