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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets High Sale In Japan

Final Fantasy XIII-2 launched last week in Japan is doing OK! It has so far sold 525,721 copies, which is lower than what Final Fantasy XIII sold in its first week. There is more to it, Xbox 360 version to Final Fantasy XIII-2 was not able to make it to the top 20 games this year.

Lagging somewhere behind the One piece Gigant Battle 2 game, holding its position at the 20th, it sold around 28,406 copies of it.

Apart from the whole Final Fantasy XIII-2 and PlayStation vita fever, reports did roll in about PlayStation getting new customers and sales rose to 65,119 as compared to Xbox 360, which was sold around at a figure of 3,584 consoles in Japan.

Coming back to Final Fantasy XIII-2 and sales data, are you surprised ?