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Steam and New Year Holiday Sales Roll In

Winters already here and what best to enjoy the holidays with then to grab the hot sizzling video games offered by Steam in Holidays Sale.

Yes, Steam has started offering its customers with the holiday sales which shall continue through January 01, 2012. Kicking off in the new year with Steam offers, what else can you ask for?

Currently Steam is offering its customers some special promotion schemes that require participation in it but they reward the effort.

The Great Gift Pile require people to take part in the six objectives that shall require completion in the given day, completing the tasks shall come by with coupons and a chance to win a game. In case you do not win you’d still be able to score coal in it.

Coal, is not something bad its your ticket to be part of the “Epic Holiday Giveaway” and the awesome part about having a coal is the epic giveaway chance where the epic bit involves winning every steam game available. So pile up on coal, the more the merrier.

This can be shared with other friends as well or can be turned into something cool and better by getting it crafted along with seven other pieces. Guess we will have to wait and see who scores the best in this round sales + competition!