Rocksteady Releases New Batsuit Skin For Batman: Arkham City

We are familiar with Batman and most of us grow up watching batman as a hero saving the city over and over again from villainous characters. The game is quite interesting to get along with but to make it more joyous, more content is heading your way.

Celebrating the year, Rocksteady has decided to give away a free skin to the gamers. Rocksteady Studio has also given away a code that allows the gamers to switch their character to the classical batman. The new skins are scheduled to be arriving for PS3, xbox 360 tomorrow and will be available to gamers for free along with the new DLC. For the time being here’s the code that Selton Hill, director to the game has revealed:

“Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down”

While at the main menu screen right after you have chosen your save slot, press the above combination. Upon successful execution of the code an audio confirmation will be given out and you will be able to choose the skin you want. Happy Holidays!