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Farmville Mystery Game ‘Dart’ Winter Items

This week, a fascinating lineup of Winter Items awaits you at FarmVille. You can score all the items i.e. 6, from the list if you wish to do so. The FarmVille Mystery game requires you to improve your dart skills, and extract as many things you can.

Each dart will cost you around 16 Farm Cash. If you are good on darts, you can avail all the six items, and will also get a bonus prize i.e. Cookie Store. So here is the list of items, you should consider before heading to your farm:

  • Elf Pig
  • Frosty Home
  • Icy Blue Pegasus
  • Icy Blue Pony
  • North Pole Tower
  • Peppermint Boar

Remember, this will be the last Mystery Game before the Christmas arrives. Will there be a new Mystery Game next Sunday, or will it be delayed? We are still without a clue how it would be, until then you can try your luck by playing darts.