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Devil May Cry HD Collection Slated For April 2012

Our furious protagonist from the Devil May Cry series will be back in action with improved visuals and graphics. Capcom has announced the HD collection of Devil May Cry which will contain the first three games in the series.

Many classic titles are getting the HD reboots and Devil May Cry is one deserving game. Along with improved visuals, the game will feature achievements and trophies for the respective platforms and there is also some unknown “bonus content” yet to be revealed. If you have already played these games, the package still feels too itchy to ignore.

All three games and the bonus content will be made available on April 3, 2012 for both Xbox 360 and PS3 for $39.9. Being a fan, you have only two options, either spend 40 bucks to rejoice the experience or wait for the next Dante’s adventure which is yet to be confirmed.