The Sims Social Ebenezer Smooge Quest Guide

With the arrival of Holiday Season, every game on the social platform is receiving new updates to spice up the things, and the Sims Social does not want to lag behind. So the latest developments in the Sims pavilion for this Holliday season, deals with the Victorian age.

Playfish has pushed the Victorian Elegance update to its hit Facebook game, and along with a number of new decorations and outfits, a new quest has arrived. Sims social holiday tales 3: Ebenezer Smooge quest is based on 6 major tasks, and you just have a week to soften Ebenezer Smooge’s heart.

The 6 objectives required to complete Ebenezer Smooge are listed below.

  • Ebenezer Smooge 1
  • Ebenezer Smooge 2
  • Ebenezer Smooge 3
  • Ebenezer Smooge 4
  • Ebenezer Smooge 5
  • Ebenezer Smooge 6

Since the list appears to be pretty hefty, considering the shortage of time, let us see how we can get the job done, within the allotted time.

Ebenezer Smooge 1
So the first task appears to be pretty simple, you will have to buy an item from the Victorian Elegance Theme; and you can do that by clicking onto the shop button, and buy anything that is labeled “New”.

The next requirement for the completion of this objective is to obtain “5 Fury”, which can be easily attained by being mean to your friends, and if you don’t want to be mean you can choose to play the guitar to fulfill the requirement.

Last but not the least you will have to visit two of your friends’ houses, and yell ‘Bah Humbug at 2 Sims, This is easily done by just clicking onto your friends and selecting the “Bah Humbug” option.

Ebenezer Smooge 2
To carry out the second objective in the list, you will have to try your luck by sending three love letters, kissing three sims, and wait for the reply of those letters that you have sent.

So the first thing to start with is writing 3 love letters, so select the option on your Sim’s home computer, and it will be done. Then while you are waiting for their reply, you can try on kissing three sims by choosing the option “Try to Kiss” ( Note: 100% success is not required).

Now check your mail box if there are any rejections mails about the 3 love letters that you have sent earlier. If you have been rejected by all the 3 recipients, congratulations! You have completed the second step.

Ebenezer Smooge 3
Obviously after you are done with the earlier 3 objectives, now it is the time to solve Ebenezer Smooge 3. Thing that you are required to do for the completion are: Ask friends if they’re going to be holding any parties over the holiday period, Check Email for new invitations, Go to bed alone.

So check on with your friends if they have any party scene, this can be done by just clicking at the quest window, but you will have to wait for the responses from your friends through the Facebook Wall. To check the emails for new invitations, you just need to select the option on your Sim’s computer.

Probably sleeping alone is the easiest thing in the world, as well as in the game, click the bed and choose “Sleep”.

Ebenezer Smooge 4
You can start this objective by cleaning or repairing 3 things in your Sim’s home that you use quite often. Then check your voice mails and make sure that you don’t have any call unattended.

You can your voice mails by selecting the options on your Sim’s phone three times. Finally, to read the obituaries, you must use your Sim’s computer and the special option.

Ebenezer Smooge 5
To complete the 5th task in the list, you have to become inspired, get something for your wardrobe from this week’s collection, and give a festive hug to 5 Sims. To become inspired, your Sim must have the max level in all of its basic needs, including Social.

The cheapest clothing item from the new Victorian Elegance theme is the Jinx Turkey Hat for 300 Social Points. In order to give your friends a Festive Hug, you must be wearing the special new piece of clothing.

Ebenezer Smooge 6
The last step towards the completion of Ebenezer smooge quest, wants you to be nice and helpful to other Sims. By being nice you will earn Goodwill, and you need a total of six. Then you will also have to deliver 6 holiday gifts to 6 Sims. At the end you can sing to your victory by playing holiday songs on instruments 5 times.

Goodwill is most easily found by doing helpful or nice things for friends while visiting or by making beds, both yours and friends. The gift giving will become a new option when interacting with friends. To play holiday songs, you must do it on your own instruments at home.

This is all for now, use the guide to complete the Ebenezer Smooge quest, and earn Bernard the Dog, a toy in return!!!!!