Sony Faces Lawsuit Again Over PSN’s Terms Of Services

Sony had updated its PlayStation Network terms of service to prevent any further class- actions lawsuits but this move, yet again, did give rise to another problem related to class-action lawsuits.

Gamespot was able to obtain court documents according to which a Northern California customer of Sony had filed in a suit against Sony itself. This suit stated the problem related to the people who purchased PlayStation 3 and did sign up for the PlayStation Netowrk access before the month of September. The suit filed in, alleges Sony of engaging in activities that were both unfair and harmful for the customers, disabling their access to the online network was an unfair act from Sony’s side.

According to the suit filed in from the customer’s side, it states that Sony dissolved the clause section that describes the negligence displayed from Sony’s side, instead of giving the users with an easily viewable change in their terms and services forms, what they actually did was changes that were made at the end of a 21 page long form that is hardly ever viewed by the customers.

The other option of getting in touch with the changes implied by Sony were to get in touch with the company itself, now that is possible either emails, phone calls or online forms which actually take a 30 day response time. Seeing as things are so far Sony still did not make any statements to the press regarding the issue, neither did the press notice any reaction from Sony’s side.