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Skyscraper City Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide – Max Gold and Energy

If you are having problems while playing Skyscraper City, and you are unable to fulfill the desired tasks (i.e. creating taller buildings, earning money, attracting citizens etc.), definitely you are a worried man! However, don’t feel to burden with that, because here is the simplest guide that will let you walk through all the issues you have faced.

So let’s start our journey from the very basics. The first thing you got to be aware of, is your status (i.e. name of the city, current level, population meter, happiness meter, power meter, energy meter, gold and skybox balance).

You can check all these details at the top of the screen. Then if you look at the bottom of the screen you will find several buttons (build button, inventory button, manage button, and zoom in and out option) that you will be using quite regularly as you will move further.

Now shift your attentions to the right side of the screen, where you will find a gift button which will allow you exchange gifts with your friends, and on the same side of the screen you will find the toggles for music and sound.

So far so good, but if you’re unable to comprehend with some of the terms used earlier, then here is a key for you:

Population meter: The population meter is the equivalent of experience in Skyscraper City. Filling up the meter will allow you to level up. You will need to balance your population meter with the happiness meter.

Happiness meter: The happiness meter shows how happy your residents are. Every new resident that comes to your city will decrease your happiness meter. When your meter gets too low you will be unable to gain new residents. However, residents added through quest completion will still be added and can send your happiness meter into the negatives. To increase your happiness meter you will need to purchase decorations.

Power meter: The power meter shows how much power is available to your city. Every building in your city takes a certain amount of power to run. To increase your available power you will need to build additional power plants.

Energy meter: Your energy meter shows you how much energy is available to you. You will need energy to build new buildings and to remove slums from your city.

Gold: Gold is the currency of Skyscraper City. Gold can be earned by completing quests and collecting from your commercial buildings. When gold is ready to be collected there will be a gold icon above the building.

Skybux: Skybux is the premium currency in Skyscraper City. You can use skybux to skip quests and to buy premium items. Skybux can be purchased using Facebook credits. You also earn one skybux each time you level up.

Build button: The build button is where you can use the build menu. See the section on building your city for more information.

Slums: Slums will pop up in your town when you are away from the game. They take up space and harbor monsters that can wreak havoc on your town. The longer you are away from the game, the more slums will appear. If you are gone too long, you may return to skyscrapers of slums that will need to be removed.

Monsters: When you are removing slums from your city, sometimes monsters will appear that will prevent you from collecting gold or residents from your buildings. Click on the monster to fight them. The number of times you will need to attack them will vary, but eventually you will win and they will disappear from your city.

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How To Build Your City

Skyscrapper City Cheats

How To Build Your City

Obviously we can generalize the buildings in two categories, that is commercial buildings and the residential constructions. Both the types can be decorated by you, to give your city a unique outlook.

Residential Block
The construction and the development of the residential area will enhance the number of residents, and this will increase your population stats (a tiny house will earn you 10 residents every three minutes, while the studio apartments will earn you 800 residents every eight hours).

Once the building has been built, you will see an icon of a person above the building which will show that the building is ready to be taken over.

For constructing a residential building, click on the build button, open the residential tab by clicking upon it. Then select the sort of residential building you want to build, either a tiny house or studio apartments, and then click on the purchase button which will take you directly to the city map.

Locate the site where you want the construction to be done and then click the check mark to confirm the placement. Once you have done the planning; now it’s time to build your building. Click on it to build the building. Each building requires a certain number of clicks.

After you are done with the building business, you will have to complete the building by adding several articles according to the type of residential building.

You will need several items to complete the building. Most of these items can be found by removing slums from your city, building new buildings, and fighting monsters. You can also request them from friends. Following the completion step, click on the building to collect when it’s ready. To collect residents from a building you will need enough happiness.

Each resident will decrease your city’s happiness by one point. If you do not have enough happiness in your happiness meter you will not be able to collect your residents to increase your population (meaning it will take you longer to level up).To increase your happiness you will need to purchase decorations.

Commercial Buildings
You can earn lots of gold coins if you construct a commercial building. You need to follow more or less the same steps, which you took while building a residential apartment. Once the building is complete it will earn gold over time.

For instance the Barstucks will earn 100 gold every five minutes while the Ieka will earn 800 gold every two hours. Placing decorations nearby will provide bonuses to your cash flow.

Building Skyscrapers
Once you have occupied most of the earth, now it’s your turn to move skywards. In the start you will only be allowed to build a story or two, but as you progress through the game, you will be able to go huge.

To build on top of another building, select the building you wish to build and click on top of the building you wish to expand.

After that, simply build the building just like you did before. Each additional level of a skyscraper will gain a bonus, providing you with extra residents or gold depending on the type of building.

Decorations are extremely important to your city. They increase your happiness meter and also provide bonuses to your buildings. Decorations can be found by clicking the build button and then clicking on the decoration tab (represented by a small tree icon).

Each decoration provides a different amount of happiness as well as bonus percentage. For instance the tree adds 250 to your happiness meter and provides a bonus of two percent, while the pond adds 1,750 to your happiness meter and provides a bonus of three percent. Once you have selected the decoration you wish to purchase you will be taken to the map.

Click on where you want to place it and a blue field will appear indicating the radius that the décor bonus will reach. Make sure the building you want the bonus to apply to falls within that radius. As your population grows you will need to place decorations with higher happiness. You will want to sell or store items that have a lower happiness rating and replace them with items with a higher rating.

Powering Your City
Gradually as you will continue expanding your city, the power demand will also increase, and in certain buildings you will find power drop down, indicated by an orange bulb. So to meet your power needs you will have to work upon building a power plant.

To build a power plant, click on the build button and select the power tab (represented by a lightbulb). Select the power plant you wish to build and place it in your city. Once it is completed the total power available to your city will increase. To get power to your buildings you will need to make sure that it is connected to a road that is also connected to the power plant.

To build roads, click on the build button and select the road tab (represented by a road icon).Place roads around your town until all your buildings are connected to the power plant.

Each building requires a certain amount of power. Once your power meter is depleted you will need to build another power plant, or replace your current plant with a more powerful one.

Editing Your Town
You might not be satisfied with some of the things you have done in your city, and you might want to alter things a bit. It might appear as a problem in real life, but it’s not an issue in Skyscraper City. All you got do is to click on the Manage button, which will allow you to enter the editing mode.

Once you have entered editing mode, click on the building or item you wish to move to bring up your options. You can only move one building at a time. If you are moving part of a skyscraper you must move the top floor first and work your way down.

You can also choose to place an item in storage or sell it back for extra gold. If you sell or store a decoration item, your happiness meter will decrease by whatever amount the item provided. If you click on a road it will be added to your storage automatically.

To place it again, go to your inventory (via the inventory button) and select the item you wish to place.

Skyscrapper City Cheats and Strategy Tips

Maximizing Gold
I don’t have to tell you the importance of gold, but to be on the safer side I will. Gold is perhaps the only medium of exchange; you will be needing lots of gold, to build your city and make it flourish. Gold is earned by completing quests and collecting it from your commercial buildings.

To earn the maximum amount of gold, be sure to build skyscrapers and to place decorations that will provide a bonus nearby. If you are desperate for gold, you can always sell buildings or decorations to make some quick cash.

Maximizing Energy
Energy is necessary for building, fighting off monsters, and removing slums from your city. Your energy will increase every time you level up.

Once you have run out of energy you will either need to wait for it to replenish or you will need to use an energy item to increase your energy. You can earn energy items by clearing slums, fighting monsters, and completing quests.You can also purchase energy using skybux.

Interacting With Friends
You can exchange gifts with your friends through the options available on the right side of the screen, and you can also visit your friends via clicking on their avatar at the bottom of the screen. This will not only solidify your friendship, rather you will be earning bonuses for each time you visit your friends.

You can also help your friends out by collecting gold or residents for them and by chasing off monsters. You will be able to perform five tasks in your friends’ cities each day.

I hope if you will keep these guidelines in mind you won’t have problems with game, so close this window and enjoy the game.