PlayStation Vita Scores Big On Launch Day!

It appears that PlayStation Vita has managed impressive numbers in day one sales in Japan. The Select stores have already sold-out 85% of the wi-fi model while the 3G version has managed to sell-out 56% of the total stock.

Games scoring good sales are “Everybody’s Golf 6”, “Uncharted” and “Destiny Warriors” along with the 30 fps DLC based game “Ridge Racer”.

The whole stock of 16GB and 32GB memory cards is depleting at a very fast pace and apparently has sold-out at few stores. Among other statistics, 90% of the vita buyers bought the memory card along with the hand-held console.

Historically, Sony has always managed good sales on launch day, so it isn’t really a surprise for us but, we would definitely like to hear your thoughts on it. So don’t hold back, voice your opinions in the comments below!