FarmVille – Winter Animal Goals Guide

Probably you can already sense some jingle vibes, and you are waiting for the party to start, but stop! There is still some work you got to do at your farm this Christmas, before you hit the bash. A new set of Christmas-themed goals has launched in FarmVille this week, they comprise of six major objectives, and each divided into several minor tasks.

Too much load isn’t it? Stay calm, and read the following, so that you don’t have to spend your Christmas in just completing the work.

What are the Six Goals?

1. On a Crisp December Day
2. Shivering Flora
3. How to Dress a Tree
4. Avian Awareness
5. Avian Jacuzzi
6. Breaking Wind

On a Crisp December Day
The first objective is based on three minor tasks, which includes a collection of 6 stakes, harvest of 100 pumpkins along with 50 fruits. You will have to spend 8 hours in order to harvest 100 pumpkins, however you can manage your timing as well collect other fruits available in the market, rather choose those you have tried earlier, because it will not only allow you to complete the task, but it will also give enhance your crop mastery.

As for the Stakes (and the other collection tasks in this goal series), you’ll need to ask your friends to send you these items. Finishing this first goal gives you 100 XP, a Scarf Owl and 2,500 coins.

Shivering Flora
Once you have performed all the tasks in first objective, now it’s time to start with the second. Over here you will have to do the following jobs: get 7 Study Traps, harvest 200 Morning Glory, and harvest Wildlife Habitat.

The key to fulfill these tasks is the availability of time and space. Harvesting of Morning Glory require 12 hours, while Wildlife Habitat can be harvested only once a day. For the completion of such tasks you should better arrange some space for the storage purpose, 2 animal storage buildings (one for each) or fill on a secondary farm. That way, you can quickly travel to that farm and know that the building is instantly ready to “harvest” without waiting. For finishing this second goal, you’ll earn 200 XP, a Winter Squirrel and 2,500 coins.

How to Dress a Tree
The next three tasks will take you one step closer to complete your Christmas conquest on FarmVille. So get 8 Burlap Screens, harvest Winter Squirrel, and harvest 250 Cotton. Cotton takes 12 hours to harvest, and while you’re waiting on your 250 plots to grow (remember, you can plant Cotton on more than one farm, if you don’t have enough empty plots on a single farm), you can ask your friends to send you the Burlap Screens (or simply wait for your Winter Squirrel to be ready to harvest). Finish this goal and you’ll earn 300 XP, a Capped Black Bear and 2,500 coins.

Avian Awareness
For this you will have to get 8 Warm Bird Houses, harvest Capped Black Bear. And you will also need to harvest 300 Wheat. It will take 12 hours for the Wheat to grow. At the completion of this goal you’ll earn 500 XP, a Spruce Birdhouse Tree and 2,500 coins.

Avian Jacuzzi
Get 10 Bird Baths, harvest a Spruce Birdhouse Tree, and Harvest 350 Golden Poppies to finish the second last objective in the list. Almost 24 hours are required for harvesting Golden Poppies, so meanwhile you wait for the Spruce Birdhouse tree to become ready for harvesting, you can grow the tree in the space available in your orchard at the farm. So once you have completed the checklist you will get 750 XP, a Sika Stag and 2,500 coins.

Breaking Wind
Now here is the last step based on three minor tasks that will let you complete your job for this Christmas. So for this, you will have to harvest 400 Peppers, Sika Stag Twice, and get 12 Windbreak Fences.
The basic Pepper crop takes a full day to grow. That’s not such a bad thing; however, as you’ll need that time to wait for your Sika Stag to become ready to harvest not once, but twice. This also gives you plenty of time to ask your friends for the Windbreak Fences. For finishing this final goal in the series, you’ll receive 1,000 XP, a Birdhouse Gnome and 5,000 coins.

This how you can complete your work, but you got to keep one thing in mind, you only have 2 weeks to do it, stop wasting time and get the job done.