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Prototype 2 Preview – Gameplay and Mechanics Detailed

Two and a half years ago, in the summer time a rather odd game hit the market that possessed an unexpected attractiveness. The game I talk about was the open ended Prototype.

Prototype was an eerie game, not one that frankly anyone expected to attain so much success. But despite having below-average graphics for its era, and a story that was easily forgettable, it was both addictive and satisfying.

All that came thanks to the immense sense of prowess and domination that the hoodie-wearing Alex managed to contract at the start of the game.

Radical Entertainment enjoyed the fame the game attained, but they also hopefully noted down the mistakes, as plans for a Prototype 2 precipitated, and now it’s been a while since we’ve been hearing about it.

In Prototype 2, you won’t play as Alex. Instead, you take on the role of James Heller, a fellow with strikingly similar abilities to that of Alex. But Heller doesn’t share a good relation with Alex, and has motives to take ‘revenge’ against him after his family was killed in the outbreak of the Blacklight Virus. And of course, in a ridiculously brutal game such as Prototype, where ripping common pedestrians is, well, common, revenge obviously means killing him.

As stated above, Heller has abilities strikingly similar Alex’s. But this guy’s smart – he knows how to use his skills in much sicker ways, sick referring to both awesome and its literal meaning. Heller will be able to use weapons in the game, such as ripping the cannon off of a tank and using it against enemies.

Heller will also be able to sneak up on unsuspecting human enemies, inject the Blacklight virus in them, and create a “BioBomb” out of them to blow up objects, enemies and anything else that can be blown up in proximity.

He also has much more strength, movement and invulnerability, and a sonar sense to spot noisy stuff. Like Alex, he can consume people, taking their memories and stealing their identities. He can also shapeshift, but unlike his counter-part, he can transition between various types to create deadly combos.

Heller’s also a hell lot more flexible, in the biological sense. He can use enormous claws to mince through a load of soldiers, and then transform his arms into enormous hammers to finish with a bloody ground smash.

But unlike Alex, whatever comes in your sharp-edged hands doesn’t necessarily have to be ripped apart, absorbed, or crushed. Heller’s got a merciful side to him, and can put people down without harming them if he wishes to.

There’s also improved mechanics and AI, so we’re hoping the NPCs react a little better than they did in the original game.

He also understands how to use stealth better. Working with Alex in disguise was kind of hassle – it was much easier to hack and slash through hordes of Blackwatch soldiers. With Heller, an ‘awareness pulse’ vision mode will highlight enemies that can be killed without raising an alarm.

This allows him to isolate and kill of enemies, absorbing the victim and pretending that nothing ever really happened.

But being quiet is just not putting your abilities to the best use, isn’t it? Heller’s twice as lethal when it comes to all-out rampaging; he can rip helicopters in two, destroy tanks with his own turrets, and cars are just like toys for him.

Majority of enemies and world that Heller will encounter will be effortlessly expendable, but there will be some enemies that will be massive and threatening.

I’m hoping these aren’t just those ugly organic massive blobs that erupt from the ground and make squealing sounds. But I also have a feeling they might just be that.

Frankly speaking, I’m really hoping they overcome the mistakes of the first game, and more importantly have a better graphics engine that meets the standards of modern games.

If they manage to do that, and inscribe a sensible plot, I’m confident this game will surpass even its predator in-terms of success.