The Sim Social Cheats – How To Collect Dreams and Get Sleep

The best thing I like about winters is my warm bed, and a sleep full of dreams. However if your Sim isn’t getting proper sleep or is having problems while dreaming, don’t get worried because xiawyeong311 has revealed the elixir on the forum.

All you got to do is step into Bella’s igloo and enjoy the warmth of her comfy igloo, stay there and sleep, as long as you want. The success rate of getting dreams from sleeping inside of Bella’s igloo seems to be higher than any other method.

I guess you know it already, if you have played the game that sleeping won’t cost you any bit of energy, plus you can collect a huge amount of dreams, that will help you sleeping at your own place, and maintain your sleep meter in right order.

Henceforth, you can give more time to other activities, and these dreams are useful in managing quests in The Sims Social from “Animal Instincts” to “Take My Advice.”

Still there is a problem, Bella’s house won’t be hanging long, so be quick, and sleep for as much as you want, and collect tons of dreams for yourself.