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No Modern Warfare 3 For Cheaters Until 2025

Be fair! Or no more online fun for Modern Warfare 3 until, 2025. Infinity Ward, the creators of Modern Warfare 3 has decided not to put a life time ban on the users found guilty for cheating, rather they will be sentenced an exile of 5000 days from the online arena for Modern Warfare 3.

The bans, word of which has spread online, were confirmed by voice of Infinity Ward Robert Bowling on Twitter, who stated – ‘If you see this message, it means you’ve been Permabanned (for something bad)’.

Even though it has not yet been confirmed, what are the criteria or what does Infinity Ward mean by cheating, yet one thing is for sure you got to be cautious enough, to avoid this ban, or you won’t be laying your hands on MW3 for almost 13.7 years.

In a way, it means you won’t be logging again for Modern Warfare 3, or otherwise they will have to register themselves again to get rid of penalty.