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Alan Wake May Come To PC

Alan Wake will be regarded as an intense psychological thriller action-game, one of a kind to hit the Xbox 360. But wait; what if it isn’t an Xbox 360 exclusive, as we previously thought?

Folks on NeoGaf with a lot of time on their hands have been storming through the Steam registry, and seem to have come across hints of the possibility of Alan Wake coming to PC.

This isn’t the only indication of a possible PC release. A Finnish site called YLEX has Aki Järvilehto from Remedy stating that they have received feedback from PC gamers, and they feel that there may be some positive news for them.

It’s not entirely alarming that Alan Wake might have a chance to make it to the PC. After all, it was initially demoed on PCs to show off the support for multi-threading technology, meant to be a PC release. Then all of a sudden it became an Xbox 360 exclusive, quietly diminishing the PC concept of the game.

Alan Wake on Steam… well, I know I’d have a go at it. What about you? Would you be willing to pay for the PC version of the action-thriller?