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Harmony Heights – A New Addition to CityVille

Dear mayors of CityVille! It’s time to take another step towards the development of your city. Zynga has brought a new neighborhood that needs a bit of your attention. This weekend Zynga made an addition to the game by releasing Harmony Heights, where you can hold the apartments. This new neighborhood is built according to the modern architecture, they are sleek and stylish and you can have them from the store, in exchange of 10,000 coins.

Once you have purchased it, you can start on by building the base for six energy, and in return you will be getting the standard reward: two free storage slots in your first block that can hold two apartments that are currently sitting in your city. Next step invoves the hiring of staff, so be nice your friends! If you want to proceed further, allot three staff positions to your friends to hold three more homes on this first Block of your neighborhood. Once Block 1 is full of five homes, you can begin with Block 2, but before you get started with the second block there is a checklist for the items you need:

• 5 Glass Panes
• 5 Circuit Boxes
• 5 Window Panes
• 5 Leaf Blowers
• 5 Thermostats

How will you get all these things? It is pretty simple just send a few requests to your CityVille neighbors and don’t forget to do some general posts. After collecting all these items you can start with recruiting new staff amongst your friends, you will need 4 more for a total of 10 homes being stored. Block 2 done, get on with the third one, all you got to do, is repeat the same search of items, using same techniques, but double your effort, because you need to collect 10 units of each. Once more look into your friends list and select 5 new staff members, perhaps this is the last step in the completion of Harmony Heights neighborhood, capable of storing 15 individual apartments, freeing up tons of space on your land.

Probably the next venture will be regarding mansions and vacation homes, so if there is any development we will let you know, meanwhile Harmony Heights cam keep you busy.