Darksiders II – New ‘Death Lives’ Teaser Trailer

It’s not difficult to admit that THQ’s action-adventure game Darksiders II has been captivating with as far as what we’ve seen, but a new short trailer of 1 minute wouldn’t hurt, would it?

A new trailer showing not too much of the game has been released, and though it doesn’t show too much (as previously stated), it does have the ability to pique any on-looker’s interest in the game. Of course, any grim boney entity termed as Death would.

Darksiders II is an action-adventure/RPG hybrid which takes place mainly in the netherworld. The sequel is expected to be more expansive, broader and have tons of new areas to explore and many dungeons to scroll through.

Here’s a look at the Death Lives teaser trailer:

Expect to see the game out for the PC, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3 in July next year.