Activision Bags $1 Billion For Modern Warfare 3 In 16 Days

Talk about profits or sales records in video games and the first word that hits my mind is Activision. For what? I don’t think I even need to tell you that Activision’s last couple of installments in the series has sold more than any other entertainment unit in US.

Black Ops sold more units than James Cameroon’s Avatar and now Modern Warfare 3 has become the fastest title to reach $1 Billion mark in just only 16 days.

These stats have been taken from retailer sell-through data and the UK’s Chart-Track service. When this data was compared with Avatar (movie), Modern Warfare seems to have outpaced the legendary movie as it took Avatar 19 days to reach that golden figure.

Add to that the game of the year award in Spike VGA 2011 and you will know how happy Activision should be. I wonder if any other shooter will manage to attain such figures?