VGA 2011 – Skyrim Gets ‘Game of the Year’ Award

Even though Valve scored most of the awards, but it was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that secured the Game of the year award 2011 at VGA.

The hard work of Bethesda Game Studios has paid off; it not only got itself registered as the studio of the year, but also took away the best RPG award as well. Getting total 3 awards as a token of appreciation at Spike TV Video Game Awards.

It’s time for this team to celebrate, but this is not the first time they have received such an honor, they have probably continued their own legacy.

With Elder Scrolls: Oblivion taking GOTY nods in 2006 and Fallout 3 taking the same honor in 2008. The game was also honored as Top RPG at the same time and took home the Game of the Year award.

Skyrim has racked up some impressive achievements, including hitting a 40/40 on Japanese-based game review magazine Famitsu.

The title has also been doing well in terms of sales, with news that the game is very close to surpassing lifetime sales of the previous title in the franchise – Oblivion.

Gamers seem to be playing it quite a bit too, with social gaming platform Raptr noting that the title is the most-played game of 2011.

With creation kit just around the corner, gamers will enjoy this game for a long-time, making this a well-deserved achievement.