Epic Games Announces New IP ‘Fortnite’ – Zombie Survival Game ?

What I see in this newly announced IP is something I can link to the most abused genre and one of the most innovative games of last year. Yes, I am talking about the Zombies and Minecraft.

Add to that the graphics of Team Fortress 2 and mix these three ingredients by following the Tower Defense recipe and you will have Fortnite, Epic’s new IP announced at Spike VGAs.

The talkative designer of Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski described the game as ‘a game in which you explore, you scavenge, you build, and ultimately… you survive.’

If you think hard enough, you can link all this to ‘I am Legend’ [Movie].

We don’t know if it will be Xbox 360 exclusive or for all platforms, and we don’t have even a slightest of clue for when it will be released.