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Duke Nukem Forever Single Player DLC Inbound

Get ready for more Duke action as Gearbox has announced a major expansion which includes a singleplayer campaign with 4 new multiplayer maps. The DLC titled as “The Doctor Who Clones Me” is spiced up with new enemies, guns, achievements and trophies.

In the new story-line, Dr. Proton is the bad guy trying to execute his evil plans. Fueled by new ego boosts, Duke is ready to take down another bad ass and you will accompany him, fighting your way through the clones produced by the doctor.

The DLC also has 4 new multiplayer maps: Sky High, Command, Dropzone and Biohazard. All of this can be yours for only $9.99 (PC/PS3) or 900 MS Points (Xbox 360) from December 13.