Crytek’s Ryse Pushed To Next Generation Xbox?

We have something more to support the argument that the entry of next-gen Xbox console is hidden somewhere in 2012. Crytek announced a sword fighting game, Ryse for Xbox Kinect at this year’s E3 but the LinkedIn profile of a former Crytek Lead Designer (Ashley Morgan) tells a different story. The profile says that the game is being developed for Microsoft’s Next-gen console.

She is now working at Ubisoft and I don’t think that information was left there on purpose. Generally, Crytek does not announce games years before the release and they are also working on another title TimeSplitters 4 for the upcoming Xbox console. This can mean anything but i am placing my bet that we will have the glimpse of Microsoft’s new hardware next year. 2012 is just around the corner and i can’t wait to see this next-gen console mystery go boom!