Alan Wake Night Springs Is Actually Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

There were rumors that the upcoming Alan Wake game is titled as “Alan Wake Night Springs” but these rumors have been debunked by the German video games ratings board, revealing that the new Alan Wake game is ‘Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is rated 16 and falls into action/adventure genre. Night Springs is actually the TV show penned by Alan in the game mistaken as the title of the game.

More details will be revealed at Spike TV’s VGA this weekend. For now, we know that it’s something more than just an expansion pack as described by the community manager, Mr.Peter Papadopoulos:

It’s structured like a full release complete with a pretty damn impressive storyline that expands the originals in some interesting ways

Alan Wake was no doubt a splendid game and we won’t mind any new iteration of the game. Let’s see what Remedy has got stored for us at this weekend’s event.

Via Siliconera